| music One Degree Difference

(2002 - 2011) Kansas City, Missouri

One Degree Difference

One Degree Difference is:

  • Steve McAnulla - vocals
  • Jeremiah Barber - guitars
  • Ryan Rothmeyer - drums
  • Wayne Wilkes - bass

...We spent countless hours inside and outside of the studio; writing, recording, re-recording, and fine-tuning. Essentially, wrestling with our collective subconscious to evolve our sound and take our songwriting into uncharted territories. This album became a means for confronting all the ideas, emotions, and imagery that so often go ignored in our daily life. We wanted to draw attention to the things that furthered our personal and collective evolution in music – and in life overall. Much of the content is self reflection, but presented outwardly in hopes of waking up and inspiring others who struggle similarly.

This CD is more than just an album to us. It’s both a time capsule and a freshly-painted canvas that represents a very special season in all four of our lives. We’ve learned a tremendous amount from the experience of making this album. Especially an album so uncompromised by time constraints or unwelcome influences and opinions. We now have something to share with the world that we are extremely proud of.

Wayne A Wilkes
Shawnee, KS 66216

email: art@waynewilkes.com
phone: (816) 304.0478